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The Woodstock Novels 
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The Heart of a Child

"The Heart of a Child is an accomplished and engrossing book. The story is expertly plotted, the prose is descriptive and sensual and the characters are skillfully drawn. Patti Brady has an enviable knack for memorable imagery, and her realistic dialogue moves the story swiftly along." Writer's Digest Contests

Book genre - Inspirational Fiction

Book description - Filled with anger, a wealthy young man moves to a small town north of Atlanta and takes a job as a construction worker to escape his opulent world. His inner transformation hinges on the help he receives from the townsfolk, the wise advice of a young woman and the commitment he makes to a child. 

 "The Heart of a Child. A story that you want to be true. . . . You want to hear the rest of the story; you want Patti Brady to continue to give her characters a home in our beloved Woodstock. This novel pulled at my heartstrings. It will do the same for all who turn its pages." 
Juanita Hughes, columnist for the Cherokee Tribune.

"The Heart of a Child. I couldn't put it down. The characters are so real, and you truly feel as if you know them. The story made me laugh as well as cry. A great read." 
Kim Jordy, proprietress of Tea Leaves and Thyme (Woodstock, GA).


The Power of Her Smile

 "Reading this novel, I traveled to my very favorite place--Woodstock and St. Simons Island. The author, Patti Brady, captured the true essence of both. A great read. Come along with the main character, Marissa Manning, in her search for happiness and peace. Walk with her in the island village and take a stroll through the past and present of my north Georgia town." Mary B. Johnston, Member of Woodstock Centennial Commission and Woodstock Citizen of the Year in 2005

"Patti Brady paints a pleasant picture of the South, inviting us to linger in familiar places and introducing us to people we somehow feel we have always known. Her best creation is the flawed but lovable Marissa Manning whose struggles compel us to keep turning the  pages. We willingly follow her exploits through the novel: cheering for her successes, suffering with her loses--and in the end, experiencing her story of failure and redemption as our own." Ann Litrel, Artist and gallery owner of Ann Litrel Art. Writer with a voice for nature conservancy, ecology and community.

Book genre - Inspirational Fiction

Book Description - Marissa Manning, a minor character in The Heart of a Child, continues her blundering ways, and we are drawn to watch, hoping for her transformation. Good-looking, athletic and intelligent, she's known for driving away men and failing miserably in the corporate world. After the encouragement of an elderly friend, she moved to St. Simons to open a tearoom, which is  where the story opens. Marissa finds that even the serenity of coastal life cannot soften her yearning for a husband and a modicum of success. More hard work and a little feminine appeal result in near-triumph. Four men are lured by her honey, and the tearoom is drawing abundant customers . . . that is, until everything goes wrong. Her elderly uncle living in Woodstock desperately needs her help, and she is detained at his farm much longer than planned. As the situation spirals downward, one special man takes note and admires her brave attempts to salvage her life. He also senses her generous heart. Will self-reliant Marissa ever let him close enough to lean on? The outcome will depend on her gaining a greater awareness of forgiveness, the kind she doesn't have to work for--Grace. You may find yourself seriously rooting for this determined woman who, in the beginning, made you shake your head and chuckle.